Progress on Shipley Park Gardens development is coming on nicely. Now the foundations and substructures are complete, the main drainage from all properties and down the main road is underway and half complete. Meanwhile, our teams of bricklayers have been working extremely hard and have reached the first floor level on many of the houses. As you can see from the photo shown, 22mm thick flooring is sat on top of the lattice joists, providing a good, solid feel underfoot and of course good sound insulating qualities.

Physical changes to the entrance of the site also commence this week. The site offices are being moved (with exception to the Marketing Suite) to make way for the widened, sweeping entrance to this beautiful cul-de-sac that many of you will soon call home!

We are delighted to have seen many of the purchasers popping down over the past couple of weeks and are thrilled to have welcomed two new purchasers to the development this week. If you would like more information or to have a chat with us here at Bondwell, please don’t hesitate to call or alternatively, fill in the online enquiry form here & we’ll get right back to you.